Why a wedding video?

You wedding should not be reduced to 24 hours. A video will allow you to relive this memorable day as many times as you like !

My videos are made to bring back all the emotions of your special day. But on top of capturing the feeling of this day, I'm focusing a lot on the staging in the video, which will make it unique and revive your fondest memories.

Why choose me?

It's a one-of-a-kind day, then your wedding video should be as unique and beautiful. My goal is to give a high-end quality work with a cinema-like result. I'm using multiple steps to make your movie : capturing transition during the day, a paced edit, a music corresponding to your mariage and a nice colorgrading.

Colorgrading? What's that?

There's multiple technics to correct and adjust the colors of a pictures or videos. First we have to adjust the white and colors to make some more realistic, and then we can adjust them to give a special style to your video.
Here are some examples, before and after colorgrading:

Clip before correction
Clip before correction
Clip after correction
Clip after correction

Clip before correction and colorgrading
Vidéo after correction and colorgrading

Colorgrading examples:

Are you available worldwide?

Yes, I can travel anywhere, but I will have to bill the travelling expenses.

How are the videos delivered?

The clip and movies are sent on a personalised USB key. The clip is also available on the Vimeo website to keep the higher quality and allowing you to share it on social networks or to download it.
Multiple USB keys can be made on demand.

Can I choose the music for my clip?

I will select multiple music and give you the choice to choose your music, or I will give you access to my music catalog. But unfortunately, due to rights and restrictions, we can't use popular music for your clip.

When do we get the videos after the wedding?

It takes 6 to 8 weeks to send them to you, due to the work to do on them. But this will allow you to remember the different moments of your big day after a few weeks, rather than when your memories are still fresh.

How do we pay the bills?

You can pay by bank transfer, check or Paypal. A 30% deposit wil be asked for the reservation. The rest will have to be paid to get the final video without any filigrane.

You can check my prices for the weddings.

Can you make pictures and videos?

Unfortunately not, pictures and videos can't be made by the same person, or we would miss some moments for one or the other. But if you need a photograph, you can contact my partner photographe Loïc Chalmandrier from New Vision.

Do you work alone?

I generally work alone, but I have 2 cameras to get multiple points of view for your days in the premium packages.

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